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Because even simple things have their secrets of success.

Parce que même les choses simples ont leurs secrets de réussite.

Why weigh ingredients?

Y​ou'll find that my recipes are expressed in weights (grams, liters). Conversions are time-consuming and not as accurate as weights, and precision is extremely important in certain recipes such as cakes. 

Take the case of flour: when are you supposed to dip and level, fluff-scoop-level, sift then measure, measure then sift....? No matter which of those methods you like, no matter which type of flour you're using, you'll likely see varying results in your recipes because the weight of the flour in your cup from recipe to recipe could vary enough to ruin your recipe and waste all of your precious ingredients. 

Do yourself an enormous favor and get a kitchen scale--they're inexpensive and truly a game-changer. No more washing a set of measuring cups and spoons, or trying to get all that sticky peanut butter out of the measuring cup!  

Amazon has several, like this one, for about 10 bucks. Target and many grocery stores also carry basic kitchen scales! 

Precision beats approximation. if you MUST use cups and spoons or find a recipe you want to try that only uses cups and spons, use this online converter.

Recipes - Recettes

GF = Gluten Free

V = Vegetarian

VE = Vegan

DF = Dairy Free

!N = Contains Nuts

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