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What if I can't make a class I signed up for?




  • There is a 48-hour grace period for virtual and in-person classes in which to cancel and receive a full refund. After that period, no refunds are issued. 




Do you cater? 

  • I am open to providing appetizer or dessert platters, specialty cakes, and more on a case-by-case basis.  Contact me to explore the possibilities and to get a quote!  In your email, please provide the event date (at least one month in advance), the number of guests expected, and as many details as possible about what you'd like to serve.




Dietary Restrictions are listed with these abbreviations 

  • GF (gluten-free) Many recipes can be adapted to be gluten-free. When ordering a class or an item, please specify the need for  GF in the comments, or contact me (email or phone, below) ahead of time to chat about it.          

  • V (vegetarian), 

  • VE (vegan), 

  • DF(dairy free), and 

  • !N (contains nuts) where applicable. 



What is a Virtual Class? Why should I join one? 

  • Virtual classes, workshops, and clinics are group cooking and baking events that take place online using the internet application called Zoom and your screen (computer or phone). In my virtual classes, you will  

    • Discover the French flavors, dishes, and desserts you never thought you could make (YES, you CAN!) in a relaxed setting (your own kitchen/comfort zone with your own knives and your own appliances).

    • ControlYou purchase the ingredients on the list emailed before class, therefore you control the quality or make substitutions that suit your tastes.  

    • Efficiency. Master the Mise en place: set up your workspace for maximum efficiency before we log on to class; wash and prep fruits and vegetables; measure and weigh all of your ingredients into separate bowls; set up materials such as utensils, pans, stand mixers, spatulas, etc., so that our time together can be spent focused on the actual cooking or baking.   

    • Practice key techniques such as how to roll pastry dough, how to infuse cream, how to mince a shallot, and so much more.

    • Learn to create the recipe presented and its variations so that you can confidently recreate it over and over again.

    • Immediacy. Get immediate, personalized feedback, ask any questions, challenge yourself, and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done.

    • Pride. Serve that great French food (or eat it yourself) with roaring pride. 

    • Lasting Value. Receive a copy of the recorded class and bonus materials with 48 hours of class.  These are yours to keep for life!


How do the Live classes work? 

  • These four- to six-person group classes take place in my home kitchen in Mooresville, NC.  

  • Like the virtual classes, you will receive an email before class describing what, if anything, you will need to bring.  

  • Recipes, ingredients, and most materials will be provided.

  • Classes usually last 2-3 hours.  Times are listed in the description.

  • Refreshments will be provided: coffee, tea, water, and, bien sûr, champagne!!

  • Of course, you get to take home your creations!

  • I post class schedules on my Instagram and Facebook pages for the upcoming month. These classes fill up within minutes, so turn on your notifications!  Cancellations sometimes happen, so keep an eye on my social media for details. (links to these social media pages are in the footer below)



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