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I'm thrilled to share with you all I have learned, to demystify and simplify French cooking. 

Yes, You Can!

In virtual and in-person classes, you will learn to prepare and eat delicious food that brings 

France's exciting culture and flavors to your table

...or just order some of my seasonal specialties and skip the cooking part!



Born and raised in Michigan, I've dabbled in many professions

-- teacher, running coach, bartender, restaurant manager, professor, translator, pole vault coach, CEO -- 

and lived in many places --Indianapolis, Columbus, Paris, Dijon, Charlotte).  

I completed my Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnel (CAP) Cuisine in 2022 after two years of intense training at l'Atelier de Chefs. 

have been married to Pete for 33 years, my 2 boys are leading their own adult lives and my daughters-in-law are the best on the planet. 


Let's get cookin'! 

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