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I'm thrilled to share with you all I have learned,

to demystify and simplify French cooking. 

In virtual and in-person classes, you will learn to prepare 

authentic, delicious food that brings 

France's exciting culture and flavors to your table

...or place an order and skip the cooking part!



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Born and raised in Michigan, I've dabbled in many professions

-- teacher, running coach, bartender, restaurant manager, professor, translator, pole vault coach, CEO -- 

and lived in many places --Indianapolis, Columbus, Paris, Dijon, Charlotte).  

I completed my Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnel (CAP) Cuisine in 2022 after two years of intense training at l'Atelier de Chefs. 

have been married to Pete for 33 years, my 2 boys are leading their own adult lives and my daughters-in-law are the best on the planet. 


Let's get cookin'! 

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